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Open House, October 29th

9 to 4

7680 Rosehill Rd.

Roseville Ohio, 43777

Pottery and Baskets 


Maddy Fraioli and Howard Peller

Farm to Table Lunch

by Alyssa Hawn and Eli Peller

Lunch Reservations:


                        Artist Statement


 MY HANDS HAVE ALWAYS HAD THE DESIRE TO BE BUSY, and I have been making and selling pottery and rugs since I was a teenager. For many years, with my husband and creative partner, Howard Peller,  I owned and operated Fioriware Art Pottery in Zanesville Ohio.   After closing our facility in 2006, I opened a studio at my home in Roseville, Ohio, where I continue the handmade pottery and rug making traditions that sustain my creative spirit. Rosehill Design offers exceptionally made pottery and rug designs that are informed by my affection for color, pattern, shape, utility, and tradition. It is now here, on my farm, that I continue to contribute to the legacy of great art and craft products produced in this region.