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My Kiln, a.k.a. the "Silver Elephant"

I will call her "Ellie" for short. Ready to christen her with a first firing and a nice bottle of wine, which I hope to share on October 29th, when we have the Fall Open Studio event. This is a 40 year old dream come true, and the dress rehersal is over, time to get this show fired up!


The Kiln Shed

Stairway to HeavenEllie

My Man

In Place"Bricking it Up"Setting the Arch Did I mention that he cuts brick?

 The KeystoneThe Wedgie I love this man who wears the apron in the house. When I was a young woman graduating from the University of Illinois, I knew I could not begin to build this kiln "without a man in my life". I am not talking about the heavy lifting, I am talking about the gas lines, the construction,  the math, the logistics, the supplies, the fittings, the framing, the burners, and while I am confident about firing it by myself, no way could I have orchestrated this without the man in the apron, Howard David Peller. Thanks honey!

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