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NOT Much Progress to Report Report

Ok, so this in not anything that I am terribly happy about, but some really good things may just take a while to get accomplished, and in between the idea and the completion is a whole lot of fermenting. Sometimes formenting can be all gurgly and cause indegestion, and sometimes maybe what one gets is a really good bottle of wine? Hard to tell, the not knowing, yet. Still feeling like a stomach ache.

Howard and I did do some fairs together this summer...Columbus, Ann Arbor, Y-Bridge, and Salt Fork. Upper Arlington next week. Regardless of the sales, I think we have concluded that we would just rather be doing other things with our summer time. Howard did design and build a pretty fabulous booth out of Muskingum River wood, and Coulsons up the hill did a great job with the metal bases. Thanks to Mike, Mark, and crew.

Had a great time with three communities of children, in Roseville, Shawnee, and Somerset. Thanks to Brian Wagner, Tom Johnson, the Appalachian Foundation of Perry County, the Muskingum County Community Foundation, John Winnenberg, Missy Stevens, Kelsey Grime, Beverly Bell, Kristina Parsley of BBBS Perry County, and last but not least, the JFS of Perry County employees who helped pull much of this off for at risk children in our county. Little Urchins!

More good was having Lynnie Loo here for a day painting for me...the Black Lotus pattern on a dinnerware order. I suppose I could have painted it myself, but it seemed to be more fun to have Lynne here to do it. Lynne was my lead painter at Fioriware for 17 or 19 years, whatever, the whole shot, and it is her lovely hand that described so many of the best patterns. Her husband Charlie accompanied her here, and we had lunch, and chat, and paint, and chat, and hell, it was a nice day. Got one, vintage year here, and still looks great in a Fioriware apron.

I did get back to Vermont in July to spend a few weeks with my Mom, and while there took a natural dye class with Jane Woodhouse, where we worked with cochineal, logwood, weld, indigo, osage orange, and cutch. Wonderful array of colors, looking forward to the dye kitchen this next month.

And then there is....the big silver elephant which is NOT IN MY ROOM YET! Impatiently. Waiting. For the shed to be. Built. A carport is looking pretty good.

Had a 60th Birthday. Reporting that everything else is pretty much....the same.

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