I picked Love Birds as one of the first patterns that I wanted to hook. I planned the colors based on a traditional pice of Mochi embroidery from the Kutch area of Gujarat. I used as a source John Gillow and Nicholas Barnard's wonderful book on Indian Textiles.



I have begun to map out the patterns that Villoo has sent me on red dot tracer, so that they will be easy to fold up into my suitcase. SUITCASE! I do not own one yet for this trip! I have determined that I do not want a backpack, even though my children think that I am an old hippy. I would like a duffle on wheels, something that I can “pack it in” to, but something that will not break my back lugging around.

Back to the patterns. I have scaled them to a 40 cm. square pillow, (16 x 16) and 80 cm. pillow (32 x 32) which is used as a floor mat, often stuffed with coir. The rugs I have sized to roughly 2 ft. by 3 ft. sizes. I am looking forward to the additional patterns that Villoo has promised. I have also made smaller pieces for the Russian Punch needle, and the Oxford Mini and Standard Punch Needles.



I have received the hooks from Dave Hildebrand, my acquaintance with the spindle lathe. He gave me instructions on how to get to his house out in the county, and as he was away for the weekend, I found them taped to his front door. I left two small wrapped packages of my pottery in thanks for his generosity. The hooks are beautiful, and are based on the design of one of my old favorite pencil hooks. They are made of three different rare and exotic woods: padauk, cocobolo, and purpleheart. Thanks Dave!